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High Cotton Condominiums
The Oxford Square
Oxford, Mississippi
Designed: 2003-2005
Constructed: 2005-2007
Area: ~76,500 Gross Square Feet
High Cotton Condominiums occupies a square block located one block off the Square in Oxford.  The project includes 32 two-bedroom and four three-bedroom residential condominium units ranging from1200 to 1700 square feet and 5,000 square feet of commercial space in two to five separate tenant areas.

The sloped site provides the opportunity for two floors with grade-level access.  The lowest level provides parking for 37 cars, plus essential building services: dumpster, electrical gear, elevator equipment, the building fire protection system, and a small commercial tenant space suitable for a corner coffee shop.  The rest of the commercial space is accessible at grade on the second level facing west toward a City-owned parking lot, which the developer is improving as part of the Project.   The balance of this floor is includes eight dwelling units.  The next two floors contain twelve residential condominium units, while the top partial floor is the building's common use Community Room with access to a rooftop terrace.

The building structure is a reinforced concrete frame with post-tensioned concrete floors.  Exterior materials are brick, clad windows, metal roofing panels, and ornamental iron balcony railings.  In order to reduce the building's apparent mass, the partial top floor is set back with a parapet and the walls are enclosed with metal panels in Mansard fashion.  Some of the balconies project out over the public sidewalk and are carried on steel columns placed and the sidewalk edge; other balconies are recessed into the form of the building, articulating and breaking up the building's formidable mass. 
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