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Molpus Woodlands
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Phase I Office Complete: 2002
Area: 4,500 Square Feet
Phase II Commissary: Oct, 2002
Phase III Annex: Indeterminate
In 2000, when the Molpus Woodlands Group, a family owned timber company founded in 1905, went looking for a new operations headquarters for their timberland management division, they were stunned to find they could buy the old headquarters the Tatum Lumber Company built in 1916. The romantic allure might have been dulled some when they saw the overgrown and dilapidated condition of the old office building, the commissary, and the one remaining worker’s house. But the pristine condition of the interior, featuring flawless virgin pine hand-selected by the Tatums for construction of their headquarters, overcame any misgivings.

The Molpus Company engaged Howorth & Associates Architects to preserve the character of the buildings while making a fully functional office environment for a technology-driven Twenty-First Century management operation.

The Office Building was occupied in May 2002; the Commissary was completed in January 2003, and an Annex to provide an additional 4,500 square feet of office space has been designed for future expansion.

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