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Hope St.
The Initiative: A Housing and Education
Development for V'Burg, Inc.
Vicksburg, Mississippi
Completed: 1991
An innovative mixed-use development, balancing programmatic and physical initiatives to improve housing and to break the cycle of poverty family-by-family, this project consists of thirteen single-fa mily houses and a community facility on a five-acre site. The community facility includes a pre-school, program rooms, administrative offices, and a community kitchen. The tenants, all single parents on federal assistance, perform community service and are enrolled in educational or job-training programs. In return, they receive pre-school and after-school care, career and other counseling. The community building was built using metal building systems.

This project received a Maxwell Award of Excellence from the Fannie Mae Foundation (which carries a $25,000 grant award for the Owner), an Honor Award from the AIA/Gulf States Region, and a Citation Award from AIA/Mississippi. The project received feature editorial coverage in Progressive Architecture.

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