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Field Residence
Lafayette County, Mississippi
Area: 5,388 Conditioned Square Feet
Porches/Other: Area: 2,804 Square Feet
Total Area: 8,192 Square Feet
On an 11-acre site adjoining a similarly sized lake, this house is designed to recall the Owner’s childhood home in Meadville, Mississippi.

One story wings to the rear contain a three-car garage on the east and a guest/entertainment suite on the west, the simple U-shaped plan defining a courtyard with a large swimming pool and outdoor spa. The garage is designed with doors on the courtyard side too, so when the Owners have large outdoor parties, which they do frequently, they can use the garage as a 1200 square foot entertainment pavilion.

Interior finishes include floors reclaimed from heart pine timbers as well as old brick. Some ceilings are also heart pine, with exposed timber framing; others are from newly milled pine. The living room, dining room, and study all have cherry wood windows; the study is fully paneled in cypress, which matches the custom made French doors. Likewise, the kitchen cabinets are made of cypress.

The porch floor is of herringbone brick, with painted wood ceilings.

The children’s bedrooms are upstairs, where the use of dormers the house sufficient area without making it overly bulky or ostentatious.
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