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Boathouse & Gazebo
For Myrna Colley-Lee and Morgan Freeman
Tallahatchie County, Mississippi
June 2002
A private client with a large house on a 120 acre farm commissioned Howorth & Associates Architects to design two structures usable both as sculpture and shelter. The owner refers to them as her lawn jewelry.

The Gazebo is conceived to recall a brush arbor, those 18th and 19th Century quasi-permanent shelters that southern slaves built for their exclusive use in religious services. An armature of bent steel tubing supports an open trellised roof of treated wood. A loose scrim made of mosquito netting keeps insects out but allows the breeze to flow through. The netting can be removed to allow the Gazebo to be used as a bandstand for yard parties.

The sixty foot long Boathouse ostensibly shelters a six foot long rowboat the owner uses daily for exercise, however it also provides a feature in the landscape occupying the edge of a field and a three acre pond.

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