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Patton Residence
Lafayette County, Mississippi
Area: 3,520 Square Feet
Designed: 1998-1999
Constructed: 1999-2000
Set in the middle of a 120 acre farm, this farmhouse is designed to recall its predecessors from the second half of the Nineteenth Century, albeit with cleaner lines and more rigorously considered proportions and fenestration patterns.

Howorth & Associates Architects had earlier designed an addition to the couple’s condominium, but incipient parenthood had expanded their domestic requirements, and their Romantic natures demanded a farmhouse. Even during construction a second upstairs bathroom, planned for the future, was added and a would-be storage attic was finished as a playroom.

The generous, twelve-foot-wide stacked center halls on each floor give access to four corner rooms, each a comparably modest sixteen feet square. Support space for bathrooms, closets, and pantries is located adjacent to and in between the primary rooms. A twelve-foot-high ceiling on the first floor and the steeply-pitched roof, penetrated by attenuated dormers, enhance the house’s verticality, while the knee walls and sloped ceilings upstairs make those rooms more casual and intimate and help keep the house friendly and approachable.

The offsets in the plan provide space for a front porch oriented to the south and east and a rear screened porch facing north and west.
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