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Dancing Goats Farm
Lafayette County, Mississippi
Area: 2,000 Square Feet
Completed: 1997
A simple first house on a 35-acre farm for a couple in their 40’s. She raises dairy goats. They wanted the second and third bedrooms for guests, foster children and homeless people.

The Owners were interested in energy-conscious design and high-quality construction, but had a limited budget. The kitchen pantry was required to accommodate the processing of goat’s milk and the making of cheeses.

The wedge form was the simplest shape to envelop their program economically: a one-story kitchen; a high-ceilinged living room; and a two-story bedroom wing. The form is simply clad in board and batten siding, with a galvanized steel roof.

The siting and orientation, near the edge of a pasture and the top of a hill with a southwest slope, take advantage of the prevailing breezes. Concerns for energy efficiency led to the super-insulated walls, the concrete floor for thermal mass and the shading devices on the southwest façade.
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