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Clarke & Amy Barton Residence
Clarke & Amy Barton Residence

The challenge in the reconstruction of the Barton Residence was to transform a conventional builder house on a 100+ acre property into a piece of domestic architecture that accommodates the Owners’ lifestyle, reflects their aesthetic preferences, and brings them joy and satisfaction. In addition, they needed more space.

The area increase is relatively modest, but programmatically pervasive, including living, sleeping, servant spaces, and outdoor. The plan of the original house reads strongly within the revised plan.

The design exploited the barn-like proportions of the original house and intensified the agricultural building allusions with material selections and details that are both functional and whimsical. Fenestration patterns were simplified and organized with more generous openings; vinyl siding was replaced with Galvalume and cementitious board; interiors were streamlined, reorganized and uncluttered.

The original garage that dominated the front of the house was appropriated and converted into a sewing room, mudroom, office, and laundry. The new barn-like garage was appended to the side, creating an improved composition of three gables connected by a strong horizontal element: This is the breezeway that connects the house and garage, a visual extension of the original, but modified, front porch.

A new rear porch gestures upward as the landscape falls away sharply towards the woods nearby. This is the first move toward a future screened pavilion designed to exploit the elevation change, engage the woods, and sit as a different place, treehouse-like.

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