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Lamar Park Pavilion
Oxford, Mississippi
As architectural consultants to Ritchie Smith & Associates, landscape architects designing a phase of improvements for Oxford's Pat Lamar Park, Howorth & Associates Architects designed  a stone, wood and steel picnic pavilion.  To give the modest little pavilion a spatial dimension, an entry portal separating the parking lot from the pedestrian zone was added in a line extending the building's south column line.  On the north side, a low seat wall is constructed in stone matching the building's stone.  This wall is an overlook over the entire 66 acre passive use park.  The City took bids on the project, then elected to expand the scope in order to achieve a greater value when they construct the improvements.  Construction was completed in 2008.

Howorth & Associates Architects also worked on the original design team to develop the Park's original Master Plan. 
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