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Auditorium Renovation for Oxford High School
Oxford, Mississippi
Project Completion: 2007
Oxford High School opened in 1962 with a large assembly auditorium capable of seating 650 students.  After forty-five years, enrollment had long-since outgrown this facility for school-wide assembly, the school's burgeoning theatre and music programs demanded a renovated and much-improved environment.

Improvements included the replacement of the original plywood seating with more comfortable but still durable cushioned seating, improved acoustical treatments, new finishes, new rigging, and the addition of a new sound and lighting control booth.  Sound and light isolating vestibules at the entries from the school's main corridor make this a much improved facility.  Plaster ceilings were retained except at the front of the hall where convex wooden panels were designed and installed to help reinforce high frequencies toward the audience and back to the performers to improve the clarity of the hall's acoustics.  Absorptive treatments along the back wall of the hall attenuate reverberation to deaden sound.  A portion of the concrete floor in front of the stage was removed and excavated to provide an orchestra pit.  When not in use, he pit is fit with collapsible platforms flush with the floor in the front of the fixed seating.

The decorative scheme called for darkening wall and ceiling finishes focusing attention on the stage.  Brick on the front and side walls stained; sculpted wood panels on the side walls stand off the walls, their backs lined with acoustically absorptive materials; wood-faced perforated panels with acoustically absorptive cores dress up and help deaden acoustical reflectance.on the back walls.  The speaker array is concealed behind acoustically transparent cloth panels set in the convex ceiling grid.
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